July 18, 2010


Dear buffallos,

No other thing to say but I miss you.

It's one of those times when everything's fine and I'm really happy. You would have been the most eager recipients of my numerous phone calls. And you would have been even more excited about things than I already was.

Sometimes I wonder what the point of doing things for you means, when I can not actually see you witnessing them. I'm quite hopeful there is a point. I often ask God to tell you my thoughts as though He were my personal messenger.

I dream about the day I will get to hug you again. I dream that someday, I'll again feel the warmth and security of your embraces. And I will hold on to you so tight and long.


July 15, 2010


“There are things I don't understand, questions I want to raise. But I should know my place and praise YOU instead.” – Maileen Hern