March 17, 2010

My Presidential Bet

I'm really excited to vote on May 10. Despite the personal nightmare that the past election season was, i'm still seeing the possibility of this country's transformation.

After much thinking, surfing, watching and reading, i have finally decided on who to vote for President.

Gordon's history shows that he was a remarkable executive. We know about Subic's transformation, WOW Philippines' popularity and his stint at the Philippine Red Cross. He was also an active legislator. Notably, he was instrumental in this year's first ever fully automated elections, which at least minimizes the possibility of cheating. I see him as a passionate person. His one passion is to cheer his guts out in Ateneo basketball games and is very consistent at it. His motto is good governance.

But what i actually like about this man is his leadership. A good leader is someone who can get people to act, someone who can invite people to unite for a purpose and someone who can inspire us to at least care. Volunteerism. And this, i think, is what Filipinos need. It's the only way to get us out of this rut.


Christine said...

rianne for mayor

Chureezee said...

I'm voting for Gordon, too :)

gonewiththewave said...

yey! even if people say he doesn't have a chance, my conscience will not bug me because in my heart i know i will vote for the best. :)