February 05, 2010

Kopi ko

I started drinking coffee when i was in College, and only due to dire situations. For instance, we had group projects in which we needed to stay up all night. Thus, i needed the dizzying kick of Starbucks coffee (the cold ones). Of course, these situations didn't happen everyday. I slept at least eight hours on normal days.

Then, i got to enter another school and there, i developed my love affair with coffee. Before that time, i just thought that coffee was not good for my health.

But then, I came to love the taste of freshly brewed (hot) coffee (especially Coffee Bean's). However, i couldn't afford to buy from a coffee shop daily, thus, i had to content myself with instant coffee.

In my four years, i never developed the talent to mix my own cup! I had to drink the 3-in-1 type every single time. I've tasted every brand from SM Supermarket and Rustan's and I've never been satisfied with any. Maybe, a certain brand would suit me for a month or so but thereafter, i'd just get tired of the too sweet taste.

On my 29th year on earth, i have come to a point where i can prepare my own cup of instant coffee. Yey me. But not so much - because i cant be satisfied by nothing but the brewed type now too.

Last December, I (we) got not one, not two, not three but four coffee makers. How cool is that. ;) And now i can brew to my desired taste perfectly.

And now, I'm dreaming to put up my own coffee shop somewhere in Session Road. Prayer point n.


Chureezee said...

Rianne, I've moved! :)


gonewiththewave said...

Yeah, i'm following your new blog. :)