August 14, 2009

Do you still know me?

Can you close your eyes and recognize me
by just a whiff of my scent
Or by just touching me so lovingly
as though you want all my fears to go away

Do you remember looking at me so intently
while i refuse to be roused from drowsing dreams
Because you'd care to check every detail
to ensure my good night's sleep

Do you miss my wonderful stories
and my repetitive tales
Of cute and handsome boys
and my prophetic view of the future

Do you still want to be in the know
of the goings on in my crazy life
Even if you can't keep up
because your very traditional person prevents you

Are you still excited to talk about me
as though im the best in the world
Even if you know i'm so imperfect
and i have hurt you so many times

Happy birthday ma.
Please pray for me where you are.

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