August 17, 2009

Another one of those palengkera episodes

I was feeling really good yesterday, after my happiness combo of Sunday Service, lunch at Conti's with my dear friends, small group, walking around the oval and dinner at Katipunan. Oh, and I was wearing my newest skirt. Never mind the need for a belt in an attempt to create an illusion of a non-existent waistline.

We were going out of this restaurant, where we had dinner, when i noticed at the enclosed area near the exit a man in dark polo, who was laughing and in the company of several people.

With this recent obsession on Ninoy Aquino, i mindlessly exclaimed for everybody to hear, "Oh my gosh, is that Noynoy Aquino?" My friends said yes.

And i stared again, frozen for a good few seconds.

I came back to my senses and we went out of the restaurant; I, fully realizing the chagrin. And he was with Mar Roxas.

Erase. Erase. Erase.


Yen said...

:) i will always remember the look on your face that evening, Ri.haha

Chureezee said...

Was it like when you saw Gary V at Coffee Bean? :p

Mar Roxas? :( :(

gonewiththewave said...

I was behaved sa Eastwood. :-)