May 10, 2009

Another one of those

1. What's your ID number?

2. Passed or wait-listed?

3. How did you know about the ACET results?
i got an acceptance letter.

4. Was Ateneo your first choice?
i didn't really have preferences. my basis was the course. had a really good description in the brochure.

5. Do you know what your ACET score is?
i don't even know they give that too

6. What course was your first choice?

7. Second choice?

8. Anong course mo ngayon?
graduated from my first choice

9. Did you have any plans of shifting?
wala. okay naman ang block ko (as if it's the only consideration).

10. Chinito/chinita ka ba?

11. Taga-Ateneo High?
hindi rin

12. Did you have fun in your OrSem?
no, i was soooo homesick then.

13. Saang gate ka pumasok nung first day?
gate 3. my dorm was behind shell.

14. Are you staying/did you stay in a dorm?
yes, see above.

15. Ever had an F in your grade report?

16. How about an A?

17. Highest grade?

18. Lowest grade?

19. Worst experience in ADMU?
my email account was hacked. and someone actually believed i was the one who sent a really foul message. the second statement is much worse.

20. Do you always attend class?
generally, if i had no plans to go home to La Union.

21. What are/were your orgs?
Gabay, MISA, Loyola Film Circle

22. How many units have/did you pass/ed?
what was required. we had summer classes too!

23. Nangangarap/nangarap ka bang maglaude?
parang hindi. bakit ako ganon? abnormal.

24. When will/did you graduate?

25. Fave subject?
theology of marriage, contemporary theology, Philippine history, philosophy, Java :-), marketing, management, chemistry, judo, rhetoric, psychology, essay, film theory, fiction -- OO. REALLY A NERD.

26. Worst subject/s?
foundations of PE, theology of church/sacraments, taxation and agrarian reform

27. Fave landmark sa ADMU?
Gabay room? kasi maraming kausap at kaibigan don.

28. Fave kainan?
Manang's, i should go there soon.

29. How do/did you get to school?

30. Are/were you always at the lib?
yes, sa Filipiniana section. I liked it there. Hehe. See number 25.

31. Ever gone to the infirmary when you were sick?
oo rin. dysmenorrhea. thank you friends for being of great great help.

32. Do/did you have a crush in campus?
oo naman. i can name them but choose not to.

33. May balak kang mag-MS, PhD?
not in the near future. i have better, more exciting plans, you know.

34. Have you ever watched a graduation ceremony?
my own lang.

35. Do you know the "Song for Mary" by heart?
no, although i feel like crying everytime it's sung.

36. Memorize mo ba ang Fabilioh?

37. ...ang Halikinu?
yup. favorite ko to.

38. ...ang Blue Eagle Spelling?
oo naman. sfelling lang yan e.

39. Are you part of Team Ateneo?
ano ba to?

40. Who's your fave UAAP basketball player?
Pastor LA, hehe.

41. Ever had a perfect score in an exam?
di ko maalala, parang meron.

42. Ano ang ayaw mo sa Hell Week?
lack of sleep. i hate not having 8 hours each day.

43. Dito ka ba natuto uminom ng beer?
no. i don't like beer.

44. What do you like about our school?
my friends, my orgmates, the mini forests, the lack of a GC culture (bakit kaya), the holistic education (naks, oo, sold ako sa idea), it's clean, maganda ang search system sa lib

45. Ano ang ayaw mo?
higad, mga pasosyal

46. Have you ever bought anything at the A-shop?
oo, si mama, feeling Atenista

47. Maganda ba ID pic mo?
not satisfactory. oiliness.

48. Done anything illegal on campus?

49. Bought anything at National Katips?
oo, suki.

50. Ever gone to Starbucks Katips?

51. May nakaaway ka na ba sa school?
wala naman (as far as i can remember)

52. QPI?

Yikes. I really miss undergrad. Can we do it again? I feel really old all of a sudden.

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