March 03, 2009

The Day I Flared Up

Sorry Lord.

Once upon a time, i caught the Tawag 236 bug. 20 pesos for a 20 minute call. After 20 minutes, the caller will be charged a peso for each minute in excess. Why not, right?

Unfortunately, since January 1, i was being duped into using this too good to be true promo, not knowing that since that date they were charging regular rates after the first 20 minutes already. Of course, i wouldn't know. Is a subscriber now required to look at Globe ads and see the very small font that they allegedly used in informing the public of the change in the promo mechanics?

I was so pissed. Prepaid subscribers get cut after 20 minutes. Postpaid subscribers don't. How convenient! Of course, no one would want to not get cut after 20 minutes if the postpaid subscriber knew what's up with the call charges!

Roar. Why penalize subscribers who are willing to pay a fixed amount per month? Isn't it just to entice people to use a supposedly cheaper call but then because it's so nice to talk and talk, people don't keep track of time and in the end spend thousands on their monthly bill.

I am so disgusted and angry and aghast at how profit oriented a company i appreciated through the years has become. I am but a single customer. But i hope Globe would be more customer oriented than this Tawag236 hullabaloo shows it to be. Customers give Globe profit. They shouldn't deceive customers into falling into a trap like this.

And of course, i was stupid too.

I hate this thing. Argh!

Calling on Globe Telecoms. The business of a company is in its customers. The heart of marketing is in consumers. Show me that these nice things do not only exist in my own ideal world.

Please love your loyal customers over profit.

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