January 01, 2009

It's been a while

I've been very busy playing with kids. 1 month old, 5 years, 7 years, 9 years. And they all think i'm their age. Someone thinks i will be entertained by watching Transformers with him. The other has to wear the same clothes i do (a.k.a clothes for SM or for the house or for jogging). The other thinks i go to their house to play with him. The other just stares at me and mumbles. Why are kids so cute and lovely and beautiful? They make me feel so happy.

And i've been busy working for something classified.

And i've been busy drinking coffee and dating and shopping and learning how to wear make up, just to make me look more serious and mature when i get to deal with the real world, a.k.a. banks, government offices, insurance agents and the like. Whatever.

I miss law school. Really? Hahaha. Yes, i need to convince myself, you know. I'm about to finish and if until this time, all i know is that i was forced by Mama and Papa -- i'm sure i'd be in real big trouble. I miss Sunday Service at QC.

It's the first time i've spent the New Year outside La Union and now i realize why fireworks are expensive. Viewing Baguio outside the house here is amazing (in Rhys' words). We didn't spend a single penny on sparklers nor on small firecrackers. But we spent the new year with bang bangs and sparkling lights. Loved it. I feel like a seven year old watching candies fall from the sky.

Anyway, i know 2009 is a great big year for me. I'm excited and anxious already. But i pray that God will hold me in his arms as i sashay my way to His destiny. I also pray that i'll make the right decisions and for his will to be so clear i don't have to guess.

I love God. I love Rhys. I love life. I love Ken too.

Happy new year!

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