January 28, 2009


i was parked in complacency
and thought everything's fine
you sounded the alarm of urgency
i woke up, decided it's time

your words were a gentle whip
they stirred my floating thoughts
the fog ahead has disappeared
you helped clear the road

sincere passion is contagious
so i bought a full tank
my new engine got roaring
and i didn't wanna stop

but then some place else
they need your power
a lot of people there
are looking for that unique fire

so in your honor
my horn, i honk
but i'll go on, i'll move on
you've done your work

goodbye to you, i bid you well
now, i'll go the other way
but i pray, may our paths cross
some time, some other day

1 comment:

leukemicnut said...

I feel your pain. Puwede ka naman pumasyal doon once in a while.