December 11, 2008

December thoughts

I can't give anyone my age in an instant. When i last filled up a form before i had my cleaning done at the dental clinic, I still had to do a little arithmetic before i was able to fill up the blank next to the word, age.

let X be my age
X = the current year minus 1980;
if current month < September, subtract one from X;
if current month = September AND current day < 17, subtract one from X;

In short, i can't access my age from my brain in an instant the same way i can't access how things at the grocery store cost. I like math a lot but my brain just doesn't have a good storage place for significant numbers worth keeping in there. The same goes with a lot of other things, but that's a different story altogether.

Anyway, when i went past 18, i somehow stopped counting.

I realize that now, I'm only two years away from 30. It's amazing that i'm probably done with a third of my life or who knows, maybe half.

And I'm not married. I haven't bought my own car. I haven't built my own house. Worse, i don't have a real job. I am a student at 28. But i have stopped complaining. I am happy i went to law school four years back and i know God put me where i am for a reason.

But then, it kind of puts me on the defensive when life seems to be all rosy. When Rhys was a baby, the moment he puts on weight that his face looked like rosy siopao, we'd all be worried. He would get sick eventually when at this stage. Then he gets a little thinner. It's good that cycle came to a stop already.

As for me, my life is like a wave. It gains momentum, goes up, then down. God serves the menu courses like sandwich. Good, bad, good. I'm thankful each time an earthquake shakes my life, i've stored enough gas (aka happiness) already that it makes it less difficult to face tough stuff. Of course, i know that God is always with me.

Come to think of it, i don't have a clear idea on what i really want to do after this but i'm in faith that God has a lot of great things in store for me.

Soon there's Christmas and i can't wait to be with my loved ones to celebrate the season. Food. Food. Food. And lots of stories to tell. And lots of gifts to receive.

Thank God for a great year.

December 05, 2008

And i can relate

so much. So much.

"I am not a technician. I'm a scientist."
- Elson