September 16, 2008

Who is God?

The centrality of God's character is holiness.

We often neglect to think about this. We always see him as a God of love, a loving Father, a Friend, a lover of our souls, a forgiving God, which are all attributes of God, anyway. However, God is also a holy God.

No wonder, in the Old Testament, they had to perform all sorts of 'rituals' because they cannot approach the presence of God without being clean. This is precisely why Jesus (a high and mighty God) still had to become human. He came to save us and cleanse us and make us worthy to go in the presence of God. This is why Jesus came to bridge the gap. He came to make us holy too. Otherwise, we are nothing.

Moses had to bow low when God appeared before him. When Moses appeared before the Israelites after this encounter, they all felt fear (just looking at someone who saw God). There is no way we can explain the majesty of God. Even seraphs, who are without sin, cover their faces out of fear.

Noone can come close.

And yet, we... us, silly people are still overwhelmingly loved by God. All our lives, He is a Father who longs for us to come back to Him. He is HIGH, MIGHTY, EXALTED and still he cares enough to provide for our every meal and our peace and security.

We relate to a holy God. There is no way to go but to set ourselves apart also. Not because we want to merit his favor. Not because we are afraid of punishment.

We are called to be holy because the only response to God's holiness is holiness. He is worthy of the highest kind of respect.

He is high upon His throne and He is gracious enough to call us His children. He will wipe away our tears and as a shepherd carries a lamb, God carries us close to His heart.

But he is holy.


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