August 20, 2008

E mabait lang talaga siya e


From my sister's blog:

Yesterday, Pastor Lino and I had the chance to talk...

"Talaga nga love ti taga-Bauang ni Mamam anya? Adda ti nagdakkel nga streamer na nga nakakabil jay market - Remembering Felicidad Picar (something like that)."


Those from Bauang really love your Mom right? There's a big streamer in the market saying - Remembering Felicidad Picar (something like that).

So Mister --, we nor our late mom don't need a political handler to evoke sympathies nor grief nor outraged sentiments from what happened. We don't need someone to order her friends to put up a banner to remember her death anniversary. Does friendship and respect mean anything to you anyway? Or you just base it on popularity. Or maybe you just choose to see the negative side of things. And impress and rub it upon others who do not need your negativity.

I regret ever thinking that you can be of any help. You just made things worse anyway.

Well, i just need to write this down to let go of the matter.

After a year, i am just realizing things anew, including the ungentlemanly reaction i got from you. All i felt was that you ended whatever hope i had in lawyers and lawyering. And you successfully doubled how bad i felt that time. It's just that, i felt bad. And i regret approaching you in the first place.

Que horror! How come i didn't think about these things then? I could've at least defended the memory of my decent mother. I blame it on the trauma of the moment.

I hate you. But with God's grace, i'm throwing you, you filthy rock.


Sabi nga sa forum kanina, no war, give peace a chance.

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