August 17, 2008

Random thoughts

1. I found my eyeglasses somewhere in school. Thank you Lord. :-)

2. I have to jog more often. I have to jog and not sleep afterwards until almost lunchtime. And yes, I have to stop my ice cream craze. I have to lose all these unsightly fats. I need to be able to wear something nice when i hit the beach. And when will that be?

3. I need to change my breakfast food. Milk/Cereal/Oreo OR Nutella/Walter Wheat Bread/Sunkist. Choice 1 or 2. Choice 2 or 1. Will it ever change? I seriously need to alter my taste. I feel like im going crazy. That goes for my snacks also. Variety spices up life.

4. I wanna go home again. I miss Rhys. And i miss Homer. And my new niece, come December. I'll dress her up nice, yey! I'm so excited.

5. I want a home. I miss Mama.

A year and a half more, Lord. Grace. Grace.

Then the exciting things.

Go Rianne, go Rianne, go! (I think my occasional audible chants to cheer myself up freak my roommate out. :-)) But i warned her that i really talk to myself, though. :-) I'm really crazy like that.

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