July 20, 2008

I miss her a lot

otherwise, i'm okay.

I love these moments (they recurred a lot when she was still here). Pardon the dialect. The private jokes lose meaning when i translate the conversations so i wrote them as they happened.

Indulgence (dining table)

me: Ma, (eating while looking at the wall mirror), lika nga.
ma: (comes to me and knowing what to do, puts her face beside mine and smiles at the mirror too)
(we both smile in front of the mirror)
me: Ma, napudpudaw rupak ngem sikan o (because my face is the darkest part of my body, i think, since 5th grade). Nagpintasak ni.
ma: (smiles and leaves)

Future plans that never came to be (on the way to San Fernando)

me: Ma, may sasabihin daw sa yo si Homer.
homer: (accelerates)
me: Umuli met kanon
ma: (laughter)
me: Alla, sweets, ibagamon a.
ma: Kabutbuteng. Nagpardas (subtle way of telling Homer to go 80kph if not 60, her speed).

Her bedroom

ma: (rushing out of the bathroom, running late)
me: (right after waking up, reading magazines in her bed or occasionally having extended sleep)
ma: addattoy ka manen. ni, iniddaam man data bado kon. nakunesen.
ma: ayanna diay bag ko? nangipanam? haay, mitir.
me: (suddenly awake, sits in front of her mirror, plucks eyebrows)
ma: inka idiay! adda ka man ittoyen.
ma: inkan ta agsukatakon. maladawakon.
ma: (unsuccessful)

Her bedroom (again)

me: (on the bed)
rhys: (playing with her manicure/pedicure set)
ma: (rushing out of the bathroom, running late for work)
rhys: (bringing out her bag, playing with her stuff)
ma: Rhys, stop that! I'll spank you! One, two... (Rhys' system of discipline prohibits anyone from spanking him, except for his parents.)
ma: inkayo idiay pay. agsukatak!
me: (ignores her)
rhys: (plays with her documents)
ma: (never successful)


ma: (in the morning) Rianne, anya ti kayat mo?
me: Awan met, uray anya.
ma: (at night, brings home Hen Haw crispy pata or my favorite Danish baker muffins or that cheese mamon from Bauang, which i miss and crave for a lot)
ma: Apanak agballroom a.
me: Ma, tatta ak la ngarud nga adda ittoyen, panawan nak manen!
ma: (giggles like a teenager)
me: (never successful, unless i feign sickness)

Future plans (again)

me: Ma, agkasar kami kanun.
me: Umuli kano ni Homer inton bigat. Umay kanu.
ma: Wen, sige latta a.
ma: (smiles)
ma: Sige latta ta agballroomak.

Parental advice

(eating dinner)
(dinner topic was homer and i)
ma: If you feel like kissing, kiss!
me: (loud heartfelt laughter)
homer: (red)


me and homer OR me and ate: (deep conversation)
ma: (enters)
ma: (fixes/cleans/looks for/transfers/gets/etc stuff)
me and homer OR me and ate: (deep conversation)
ma: (stops doing whatever)
ma: (sits with us)
ma: says her piece
me/ate: (laughter) apo ni mama, di na naawatan! nakiparticipate pay!
homer: (stops talking)


ma: anya kayat mo?
me: awan met, uray anya.
ma: inta mangan diay ruar.
me: kastoy kon. diak agdigosen.
ma: urnusem man met ta bagim.
ma: agsukat ka met.
ma: (never successful)
me: intan, Ma.

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