May 03, 2008

I feel so complete.

Dahil kaya sa bago kong kinababaliwang sizzling sisig with egg sa Lutong Kapitbahay with their saba con yelo?

Honestly, i think i have recovered from my tampororot mode with the richest Dad in the whole wide universe. I'm slowly inching back in to my very passionate relationship with Him before the infamous thing happened. It's really nice to have time to block out the noise of everyday life to meditate on His goodness and be excited to hear from Him the moment i open my eyes to greet the new day.

That's what i didn't have for almost a year now. I had faith and God's grace was everywhere, but my Christianity was ummm, unremarkable? Although, i always said it was normal, i didn't really have to shy away from talking to Him the way i used to. All these time, people are telling me how strong i was through it all but it's really Him who is there supporting every ligament of this frail soul. I have prayed and fasted at the start of the year for God to remove major recurring pests in my life and so far, the results have been amazing. Not everything is answered of course, but i am sure they will come. And i'm excited.

Ika nga sa Java, Hello World.

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