April 14, 2008

You caught me

with your three day old beard
and your long unkempt hair
your long sleeved shirt in loud pink
unable to hide your muscular physique

it was your silver earrings
matching your fair skin
or your height
as tall as your workload

the intimidating environment
freezes with your coolness
the spotlight is on you
and your voice fills the room

crush kita



michelle said...

hi manang rianne, i've been reading your blogs lately and how i wanted to immediately post a comment but failed to do so coz of my being "ignoramous" with this kind of technology.. i just hope i did it correctly this time..

i really admire the way you handle and face life, with all its surprises, fun, joy and all forms of happiness... including of course,the unfathomable pain and sacrifices it delivers at the most unexpected time....

i have been whining and complaining about being alone in life since August of last year when my mom and sister flew to the States. My two older brothers are abroad, too.. and so, i am alone.. and that's making me sick that as days pass by, i feel i am gradually being drowned by loneliness and deppression..

...until i read your article in the Inquirer, on how you missed Auntie Piling, and ninong Ponso (who used to call me miTchell, instead of michelle).. i realized i am still lucky coz i still have my mom, though she's miles away from me..

i don't want to sound dramatic but i understand what you went through and still going thru.. but then again, i admire, or should i say, envy your inner strength to face life challenges.. sana ganyan din ako.. masaya pa rin kahit wala na yung mga taong mahalaga sa kanya...

before i become too sentimental, let me just tell you that i love reading your blogs, even if i don't leave any comment, hehe...

Rianne said...

hi michelle. glad to be of some use to someone. God bless. :-)

Naomi said...

Sino crush mo? Dali, gusto ko malaman... (email mo ko) ang alam kong may long sleeves in pink si atty. te... long hair na ba siya? mukhang hindi ko napapansin, kapitbahay pamandin :P

Rianne said...

haha. naomi, siyempre di naman siguro siya mag e earrings no.