April 24, 2008

Dear God

I pray that you free up my time so that i can attend to matters that concern mama. And please tell mama i love and miss her so much.

Kasi naman e. Kung sana hindi ako _____ ni ____ e. Sigh.

April 21, 2008

Happy together

April 20, QM

April 14, 2008

You caught me

with your three day old beard
and your long unkempt hair
your long sleeved shirt in loud pink
unable to hide your muscular physique

it was your silver earrings
matching your fair skin
or your height
as tall as your workload

the intimidating environment
freezes with your coolness
the spotlight is on you
and your voice fills the room

crush kita


April 03, 2008

Rhys' Baby Blues

me: Rhys, sleep with me when the baby comes out.
Rhys: Ummm, no. You go take care of the baby and when there's takki, you say Maanaaaang!
me: Why, do you remember that when i took care of you?
Rhys: Of course! Because you dont like to wipe my pwet. You're bagets you know. You're bagets!

Rhysy Beans: Ma, right its hard to take care of the baby? If she cries, we will all wake up at night time?

Rhysy Bee: Lord, please help Mama not to think that something will happen to our baby. Give her happiness and peace. Help her not to be sad. Protect her and our baby. In Jesus name, amen.

April 02, 2008

Good morning merry sunshine

Cool breeze, fresh air, exotic birds, sweet chirping, Sun signal, peace and quiet

What more can i ask for?

Ang veranda. Bow.