March 15, 2008

Buhay Dormer

So, i got over the fact that i don't live in Katipunan anymore and i'm now living in a gloomy residence hall located in a rare bird sanctuary in the Metro.

Well, aside from the fact that i'm a stone's throw away from ChoKiss and SC, i have realized how good a decision it was to pack a full house to transfer my so called life to this room at the end of a long hall reminiscent of that of a hospital during the war.

My old place had a balcony where i spied on people walking along B.Gonzales St and what happened inside the neighboring buildings. Now, my room is next to a veranda where a light electric blue bird hovers regularly in the morning. I stay there for an hour or so everyday because that's where i can get cellular signal for Sun so that Homer can patiently listen to my boring stories over the phone. Since January, i also go there in my pajamas late at night, to watch each extravagant fireworks display almost every Friday night. Last night's show was fantastic, i felt like i was in Disneyland. Thank God for the sponsor.

My stay in this dorm is conducive to my need for eight or more hours of sleep, which is somewhat undisciplined for a law student. Back home, they often complain (Mama usually. I miss you ma. :-)) about how long i spend in the bathroom or how they imagine that i've already flushed my head in the toilet. Now, i dont have to worry about it because it takes only about 5 or so minutes to walk to class.

It is a little bit colder here.

I can walk/jog whenever i feel like it around campus. In Katipunan, i'd have to cross over the polluted road before i can jog as an intruder in Ateneo.

Though i hate being close to Bahay ng Alumni because i'm forced to listen to wretched music or loud masters of ceremonies, i can always listen to my own boring music so that i can still focus on studying. Some dormers speak or sing too loudly during my study time also.

But fine, with rent for a whole semester cheaper than a month's in Katipunan, i'd choose to be a dormer without batting an eyelash.

In short, sana matanggap ulit ako for the next school year. Please God.

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