March 31, 2008

Late afternoons

are just pefect.

Don't you just love it?

March 29, 2008

He's my baby

Bart Smart

Kailangan ng buhok ko ng rehab


I know.

I'm full of joy.

I know their love will last me a lifetime, you see.

March 18, 2008

So i got what?


Is it good? Or is it bad?

We'll see. I'll see.

March 16, 2008

Sshhh. Bagong crush ko.


Rianne: Hi Rhys, i miss you.

Rhys: What ever!

Rianne: You love your turtles more than me naman a.

Rhys: I just care about my turtles because they are my cmpany. If i dont have cmpany, who will i stay with? I love you naman a!

Rianne: I dont have company. I miss mommy pa. What.

Rhys: How about you buy a pet so you have company?

Rianne: Pets are not allowed here.

Rhys: Ay. Panget. I love you naman a.

Damdamin at Pagkain

Panahon na naman ng matinding pangungulila ko sa nanay ko. Kaya kung anu-ano na namang pagkain ang nabili ko.

Kanina bumili ako ng abokado na mahihinog daw bukas. Siyempre kailangan ng asukal (white) at ang di pinong gatas na Bear Brand. Yihiii. Nalalasahan ko na siya!

Bumili rin ako ng mansanas, yung Fuji apples. Ayoko nung pulang pula kasi ayoko ng parang bulak na texture. Para lang hindi ako magkape sakaling antukin ako e dapat mag aral e. Kumuha rin ako ng leche flan sa Coop. At paubos na ang mga Snickers at Nestle Crunch ko. Pero marami pa naman akong stock ng Kettle Corn Caramel Pop Corn, Blueberry flavored wafers, Nagaraya, Rebisco Choco Sandwich, Sunkist mango juice, Bear Brand Sterilized (ang sarap ng gatas na to no) at Chips Ahoy.

Pero sabi kanina sa Sunday Service: 'All we need is God.'

All I need is God.

At saka nakakapagod din ang pagnguya at paglagok no.

March 15, 2008

Buhay Dormer

So, i got over the fact that i don't live in Katipunan anymore and i'm now living in a gloomy residence hall located in a rare bird sanctuary in the Metro.

Well, aside from the fact that i'm a stone's throw away from ChoKiss and SC, i have realized how good a decision it was to pack a full house to transfer my so called life to this room at the end of a long hall reminiscent of that of a hospital during the war.

My old place had a balcony where i spied on people walking along B.Gonzales St and what happened inside the neighboring buildings. Now, my room is next to a veranda where a light electric blue bird hovers regularly in the morning. I stay there for an hour or so everyday because that's where i can get cellular signal for Sun so that Homer can patiently listen to my boring stories over the phone. Since January, i also go there in my pajamas late at night, to watch each extravagant fireworks display almost every Friday night. Last night's show was fantastic, i felt like i was in Disneyland. Thank God for the sponsor.

My stay in this dorm is conducive to my need for eight or more hours of sleep, which is somewhat undisciplined for a law student. Back home, they often complain (Mama usually. I miss you ma. :-)) about how long i spend in the bathroom or how they imagine that i've already flushed my head in the toilet. Now, i dont have to worry about it because it takes only about 5 or so minutes to walk to class.

It is a little bit colder here.

I can walk/jog whenever i feel like it around campus. In Katipunan, i'd have to cross over the polluted road before i can jog as an intruder in Ateneo.

Though i hate being close to Bahay ng Alumni because i'm forced to listen to wretched music or loud masters of ceremonies, i can always listen to my own boring music so that i can still focus on studying. Some dormers speak or sing too loudly during my study time also.

But fine, with rent for a whole semester cheaper than a month's in Katipunan, i'd choose to be a dormer without batting an eyelash.

In short, sana matanggap ulit ako for the next school year. Please God.

March 07, 2008

Malapit na ang finals

at malapit na ang aking maiksing bakasyon. Yehey. At makikita ko na ang dalawang pagong ni Rhys. At kakain kasama ni Homer. At kakain ng sariwang lowland vegetables. At manonood ng cable TV. At magbabasa ng librong binili ko noong December. At mag-iisip ng mga paraan kung paano yumaman.

March 04, 2008

Love is

typing a paragraph fluidly in my keyboard
with my eyes closed but without skipping a letter

It is a stare glued to the screen
without batting an eyelash and the picture gets better

It is the beauty of an algorithm
without any unnecessary step with awesome speed