January 27, 2008

A Dozen Updates

1. Lola Lita's at the UP shopping center has never failed me. My taste buds are so freakingly compatible with their menu. Why so? I love their sweet, subtly flavored adobo. I revel in the 'crunch' of every bite of their vegetable dishes cooked just right. I crave for the fried eggplant soaked in mildly spicy toyo. The tender meat in my favorite nilagang baboy. UP campus living.

2. Why do i have to check my Friendster account daily?

3. I am already conscientiously planning for something that is still two years away.

4. I sleep too soundly. Of course, i sleep much toooooo long.

5. I have learned not to expect change from other people because the only thing i can change is myself. Well, this isn't weird.

6. My hobby lives on. I get a kick each time i enter this paradise called Rustan's Supermarket. Cookies, chocolate chip cookies, chocolates, biscuits, nuts and more nuts.

7. I miss my parents. So, i'm still very much normal.

8. I watch it. I watch it sparkle. It has to grow on me.

9. I'm en route to becoming more patient, more selfless and more forgiving.

10. Walking underneath canopies of trees to the tune of my favorite music is always a delightful experience.

11. I miss the game of bridge. Hello Gabay.

12. Weirder by the day.

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