January 19, 2008

I super miss you ma.

Ang hirap mawalan ng nanay. Ang sakit sakit.

It is hard to let go of the fact that you'll never see her face anymore while the picture is still so vivid. Her deep set eyes are so like mine. I see her fine wrinkles and thin eyebrows. Her embarassed smile before a camera. Her skin, soft to my touch. She isn't hairy like my sister and I are. How can i let go of the fact that i'll never be able to touch her again? I miss her throwing my sister, Rhys and I out of her room when we just lounge there when she's preparing to go out. We tend to steal her mirror space, her seating space and we do play with her collection of perfumes and jewelry. We love staying there when she's busy and disturb her with all kinds of questions. I especially like reading in her room because that's where our magazines are and the room is particularly the sunniest in the house. I miss having to force myself in the bathroom just to show my clothes before i leave the house even if she's in the middle of taking a bath or just doing something, you know what. I miss telling her she has an important visitor, when there's really no one or when the ice cream or fish vendor passes by our house.

I miss Hen Haw's crispy pata served on the table whenever Homer and I are around. One time, she gave us money for Oasis' eat all you can, just so we'll stop bickering in the living room.

Hindi ba alam ni Voldemort ang mga ito? Wala ba siyang nanay?

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