December 09, 2007

In retrospect

I expected this year to be a blast. At the start of the year, i was part of a small group (VCF) and I told everyone that 2007 is my year without batting an eyelash.

Irony of all ironies, it turned out to be the worst year ever. Problem after problem after problem emerged. Looking back, i never would have expected to survive each. I thank God i am still alive and still able to enjoy life and laugh and love and forgive.

Of course, it is difficult. Until now, i am still quite depressed after receiving news about my latest problem. (Please pray for my lola, by the way, she will be operated on this week, probably Thursday to remove a tumor in her stomach. I am praying that it's not cancerous.)

I also am very disappointed with several people whom i considered very close friends who all seem to be fair weather friends anyway. Im referring to those who i expected more from, especially those who knew my Mom personally.

Homer always says that i shouldn't expect them to check on me as some sort of obligation but well it is just to hard to accept it. On the other hand, some people text me really good messages but when i need encouragement or when there's opportunity to show me support, they just are not there. Some even drive me more to the pits of depression. Well, i hope to be totally over that soon enough. I just want to let it out.

I just made a commitment earlier to look beyond my situation and put my hope in Christ. I am releasing all the burdens of this human life and accepting God's sovereignty and my inheritance from my Father in heaven.

2008 will be better. I'm back.


Chureezee said...

Sana hindi ako yung isa sa mga 'fair weathered friends' you speak of. Hehe.

Just wanted to tell you that although 2007 was a tough year for you, I think you handed it really well and with more grace than can be expected from anyone under the circumstances. I'm so proud of you, and I admire you a lot. Keep it up!


Rianne said...

siyempre hindi at nagbabasa ka ng blog ko. haha.

thanks. :-) i know i'm just being sustained by lots of prayers from people like you. mwah.