October 10, 2007

Wanted Substitute Parent

gWho'll want to hang my graduation picture in her dining room wall?

Who'll invite so many guests on my wedding day or insist on having some of them as sponsors?

Who'll go with me to the doctor from the slightest cold to a scary chalazion?

Who'll bring home her Christmas gifts unopened because I want to open them?

Who'll visit me just because i feel kinda lonely?

Who'll wait with me outside for a ride to the city?

Who'll track me when i travel?

Who'll notice when my white clothes need to be bleached?

Who'll get mad at me when i wear pyjamas to the mall? or wear slippers when i should wear shoes?

Who'll pull my shirt down when it's too short or pull my neckline up when it's too low?

Who'll notice me when i obsessively pluck my eyebrows?

Who'll stop me from looking at the mirror while i eat?

Who'll care to tell me i should sit properly because my underwear is showing?

Who'll remind me to get up from bed when i watch DVDs or read a book all day?

Who'll volunteer to sew or repair my clothes even if it takes a year or the clothes get lost and never get mended?

Who'll invite me to eat out because she doesn't want to cook?

Who'll order a feast in the restaurant?

Who will I love like i love you Ma?

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