October 25, 2007


So, i'm getting used to living in Baguio. And as Homer and my sis always say, i need to get used to the place - be familiar with the roads, be familiar with the already very few buildings, and more importantly, learn to take a bath regularly. Haha. Don't worry, i do at least once okay.

And of course, yeah, i know, i've been going here since college but i still get lost each time! Blame it on the weather. Eh.

I love ukay ukay. I love cafe veniz and their bitter Sagada brew. I love Session Road. I love walking there amidst lots and lots of people but feeling invisible and unnoticed. I love not needing to apply an anti perspirant. And i love what the cold weather does to my unruly hair.

I love seeing school children in boarding school uniforms. I love seeing fruits and flowers and smiling faces. I love walking without worrying how my back gets so wet. I love being out in the middle of the day without worrying about the heat.

But i miss La Union. And i miss mama.


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