August 01, 2007

Quarter life

Lately, i am realizing that i love the science of everything. In my mind, i invariably play a discussion on the nature and occurence of things when i see them. Condensation of water vapor on my green water bottle, the expansion of warm air in a low pressure area, the chemical reaction of oxygen in my banana flambe, force multiplied by distance as a technique in carrying my overweight school bag.

I am a sucker for information so i surf a lot. Yes, i do at least ten google searches a day - finding answers to inane questions like why there's a sudden ringing in my ears and why exactly getting wet from a slight drizzle makes us sick.

And why do i miss programming? I miss the structured statements and the reusable objects, the flawless logic and brevity of algorithms and the excitement of a written program working for the very first time. I won't mind finding that single semi-colon making everything awry.

Now, ask me where i am and what i am doing. It somehow doesn't add up. But yeah, math is fun too.

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