August 18, 2007


The pain is unbearable
I can't explain it
I want to shout and be angry
I want everything to stop

I'm even tired of asking why
I miss her so much
I want to die and join her
But she wants me to live

And move on
And have a good life
But how can i?
When she's gone

All the things
I have been striving for
Are dedicated to her
I wanted her to be happy

I wanted to offer her
The best life
She could ever wish for
While she's living

But she's there
Where there's no pain
Where all is gay
Where there's no sadness
All is blissful

And i have to accept it
Because she wants me to
Because she taught me how
Because she loved me
To the ends of her being
I love her
I miss her

Someday we'll meet again
And before that time comes
I'll try to live
And breathe
Because she bore me in her womb
And raised me up like this.

I owe her that.

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