July 11, 2007

Kumusta ka na?


My Friendster profile says that i am single and i just happened to post my latest picture.

My grade school classmate chanced upon my profile and sent me a Friendster message.

Punch one: He mistook me for their programmer. (Well... i was a programmer and recently did something related to that -- so yeah, of course that's valid.)

Punch two: He said my face looks mature. (Okay, so law school might be taking its toll on me. Err... okay, will pass.)

Punch three: Do you have kids already? (Well, i have posted several pictures with my nephew so maybe he thought he's my son. Okay then.)

Punch four: (But my profile says im single. Thus, he thought i was a single mom, but a lot of people are. So... fine then.)

Okay... Okay.



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