June 24, 2007

High school classmates represent

Hello people. Well, its just one of those times when i feel like i
wanna go back to high school and bask in the simplicity of life's
delights. Don't you wish that sometimes?

Medyo lang 1997 ko pa huling nakita ang iba sa inyo. Sana naman
isang araw ay masalubong ko na lang ang isa sa inyo sa Gateway o di
kaya makasabay sa eroplano nang hindi inaasahan.

However, that's not how it really is, right? It's a small world they
say but what are the chances that i'll never get to see some of you

Ibig ko lang sabihin...

In this complicated world, it still takes effort to maintain
relationships no matter how people revel at and brag about the
advances in technology that claim to make communication so
effortless. Isn't it ironic? It isn't if we don't make it.

Yun lang.

Life is good. Muah!

rianne aka trichzie
who wants the corny high school stuff

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