June 25, 2007

Bargain Finds


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Hard Bound

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Hard Bound

JVC DVD player

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June 24, 2007

High school classmates represent

Hello people. Well, its just one of those times when i feel like i
wanna go back to high school and bask in the simplicity of life's
delights. Don't you wish that sometimes?

Medyo lang 1997 ko pa huling nakita ang iba sa inyo. Sana naman
isang araw ay masalubong ko na lang ang isa sa inyo sa Gateway o di
kaya makasabay sa eroplano nang hindi inaasahan.

However, that's not how it really is, right? It's a small world they
say but what are the chances that i'll never get to see some of you

Ibig ko lang sabihin...

In this complicated world, it still takes effort to maintain
relationships no matter how people revel at and brag about the
advances in technology that claim to make communication so
effortless. Isn't it ironic? It isn't if we don't make it.

Yun lang.

Life is good. Muah!

rianne aka trichzie
who wants the corny high school stuff


So i think i cant make it to Archie's wedding on Saturday. Kainis. Or at best, i'll be arriving halfway through his wedding reception. Like i did at Myra's.

Haay. I was so looking forward to that get together plus the trip and good food.

It's just sad three things i can't not attend just happens in June 30 in QC. But everything ends at 2pm so i have a chance. Sana!

I did a good deed last night. So i'm happy. Yey.

June 07, 2007

Air Cooler

So i bought this thingamajig called 'air cooler' which uses water vapor to cool the fan breeze. My first plan was to get a .5hp aircon but the Ilocano in me rejected the idea.

It is manufactured by Asahi. There is another manufacturer, Union but it was not available and it does not have an ionizer. The ionizer purifies the air.

The fan comes with two ice packs that you put with water inside its body. I have yet to use it with ice since the dorm suddenly pulled out the ref i was supposed to rent - without notice (grrr). With water at room temperature though, the fan blows cooler air than my Asahi wall fan. The breeze can reach further as well. Only at 55watts. So im happy.

I've surfed the net and reviews are so far convincing. A few people said it was useless though but maybe they live in the desert. I'll buy tube ice from Rustan's later and i'll see if its worth my Php 3370.

June 05, 2007


I just bought a Victory Liner ticket for Cubao, 10:40 pm. Registration is at 9am tomorrow. I'll be living in an isolated room atop a building. I'll clean my own space, prepare my own food, budget my money, take care of myself.

But on the lighter side, i'll see my precious friends again and will learn new things in junior year kuno.

Sigh but yahoo.

Please continue praying for my mom's safety.