April 22, 2007


I just stood there, my legs half submerged beneath the waves. My back was against the setting sun. I was looking at the hills overlooking the calm sea. Some birds in the V formation were flying overhead. Ashley (the dog) was running along the empty shoreline. Rhys was digging a mini lake out of the sand. And the breeze, was whispering a sweet melody to my ears. The cool air was soothing my tired body as my feet were being gently sucked into the fine sand.

I love the empty, undeveloped beach.

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LEMniscal said...

Boohoo! How vivid can your description get!!! Madaya! I demand that the world conspire to allow me to go to the beach as well! Haha. Nice to see to you having fun. Vicarious na rin anf fun ko. Hmpf.