April 07, 2007

Malapit na

So most of you know i am still here in Quezon City waiting for my last final examination. After that, there's still one more paper to submit in lieu of a final exam but i'll send that via courier from La Union.

Grrr. So, i was depressed yesterday and the other day. And God knows how i cope with emotions. Oh well. It's supposed to be Holy Week!

Also, I've been using the timer function in my cellphone a lot. I'm limiting my study periods at one hour each. After each short span, i watch TV, or eat, or go to Rustan's, or go to my new room.

Yes, next semester, i'll transfer from this big unit at the ground floor to the single (much smaller) room at the 4th floor. The main purpose of which is that when my mom comes over, we dont need to stay at the hotel anymore. So, we can save a lot by just adding 1k or so to my monthly rent considering the fact that she's here almost every month anyway. There are only three of us there (one each room) so no more noisy neighbors talking to each other at 12am, no more loud phone conversations overheard (and that surely catch my attention), no more loud music/TV/movies playing from other rooms (well, hopefully), no more noisy girls in the gazebo.

But the new room needs an AC, its freaking hot. I havent tried opening the outer wall windows though and that might spell a lot of difference.

I'm excited to go home! I'll probably head straight home from exam unless we go out for dinner. Haay. I miss home and every sense of the term. Home. Home. Home.


My nephew will be in first grade come June!

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