March 25, 2007


Sabi niya, di ko raw siya nabibigyan ng panahon. Lahat daw ng bagay inaatupag ko maliban sa kanya. Gusto na raw niya akong makausap pero sadya raw akong mailap, umiiwas. Hindi na raw niya ako kilala.

Sabi ko, hindi naman. Pero ayaw niya akong pakinggan e. Miss na miss na miss na raw niya ako.

Kaya blog, eto na ko. :-)

Corny scale: 10


Here's a list of my favorite snacks (as of the moment). Try them. Siyempre masarap.

1. Puffins (Cinnamon)
2. Nagaraya/Chikito
3. Takinoku? (Meiji)
4. Growers peanuts
5. Cheese bar kay Mommy (Malcolm)
6. Walters wheat bread with Nutella
7. Danish Baker muffins/Kenny Rogers corn muffins
8. One Rice Crisps
9. Cheese Rings (kahit ayoko na ng junk food)
10. Tofiluk

March 09, 2007

Babasahin para sa mga nanlulumo

Noong isang linggo, gumawa kami ng isang dokumento sa Ipil function room, isa sa mga dormitoryo sa UP. Alas nuwebe na kaming natapos. Ayoko pang sumakay sa taxi (1) kasi alas diyes naman ang huling jeep(2) papuntang Katipunan kaya minabuti kong lumakad mula Ipil hanggang sakayan kasi sabi ni Tere e wala na raw Ikot(jeep na umiikot sa UP). Masaya ako noong araw na yon. Mabagal pa kong naglalakad sa gilid ng Sunken Garden at pasulyap sulyap sa kalangitan para silipin ang mga bituin.

May dalawang bihis na lalaking paparating. May inabot sila sa akin. Wika nila 'Ma'am basahin niyo po.' Nagpasalamat naman ako. Tiningnan ko. 'Babasahin para sa mga nanlulumo'.


Speaking of sorrow, i attend a weekly small group meeting of girls, oh, 'women', to talk about our walk with God, apply what the Bible says in our lives and pray for each other as well. Our leader shared a practical tip in praying, shared by one of the Pastors if i am not mistaken. Doing it just gives me so much joy and this natural high.

When you pray, choose a Psalm that exalts God (e.g. Psalm 52 onwards). Pray the Psalm. I mean, for instance just thank, exalt God because of what the Psalm says. (e.g. Thank you God that i can trust in you. Thank you that you are my stronghold. I worship you because you are greater than anything in this world.) Just worship God sincerely. After that, tell God that you are quieting yourself, your thoughts to hear what he wants to tell you. It's just a quiet time to communicate, just to hear from him. So pray for an open heart, mind to listen. Of course this is not a spooky thing to expect an audible voice, though that's possible. God may speak through verses you have read in the Bible, or with a strong conviction about doing something. It does not matter how long you do it. It may be 5 minutes or an hour but the important thing is you quiet yourself just to commune with God.

It's really good. Try it.

March 04, 2007


It just blesses me to see thousands of people gathering to praise God and declare his glory.

I attended the VCF Metro Manila Churches Convergence with my mom a while ago at the Araneta Coliseum. It was so powerful to see around 10 thousand people (or maybe more) worshipping and publicly acclaiming God. How it encourages me to see others having the same faith as i have. All of us are holding on to a specific destiny that God has for each one person. Imagine, each person is just a miniscule dot in this whole wide universe. But God loves each person. Each one is special. Each one is able to love, relate with a lot of people, affect other people. And all of us have a purpose. We aren't just dots in our lifetime. Our lives can be meaningful according to His will.

My prayer is that i'll be able to share this joy that i have in serving my one true God and in having this lovely relationship with my Savior.

I love Him. This love story is bliss. It's just amazing.