February 25, 2007

Someone's singing

We've spent so many summers together
And we thought its all that good
Even if heavy rains poured
It didn't change the mood

We believed in forever
Love put us together
But all that was not enough
There were other things we wanted

All my threats were silenced
Because the real thing was laid
I thought it's what i needed
But why all this pain

I don't want you to come back
Nor do i want you to call
But whatever i do
There's this longing inside

I don't want to embrace
The pain that i've left
Though they recur all day all night
I know they'll fade in time

All my hopes were crushed
Because the truth was blurted out
The things i thought that were
Aren't really there

All our dreams were shattered
Because for once i've learned from you
That things are not alright
Though they actually seem to

I don't want to see you
Nor do i want to remember
But wherever i look
I see you, only you.

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