January 12, 2007


I saw a child
skipping rope
wth her friends
merrily skipping
and happily laughing.

They played along
the busy street
where traffic was bad
and cars honked
while people walked.

Near the drugstore
under the stairs
of the blue overpass
going to the school
right across.

Right in front
of the damp, dark
and narrow alley leading
to their small neighborhood
of packed houses.

Where i wanted to go
to ask their parents
how they fit
and how they went about
making ends meet.

The little children
gathered around
their two friends
with the long string
of rubber bands.

Around their
waists while a
little child sang
and skipped and
jumped and sang.

They played
and sang
seemingly unaware
of the smoke
and the noise.

I stared and
a little boy
approached me
and looked at me

I reached
for my pocket
and felt a coin
a single coin.

He was still
and i gave it
put it on his palm
and i walked away.

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