December 13, 2006

Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups

Do you ever delude yourself? You believe in something you know will never happen. You dream of bright sunlight and blue spotless skies. You get excited and wait for something like an expensive price. Something you didn't really work hard for but something you think you deserve.

Even if you know it is never going to happen. Even if you know its next to impossible if not totally so. But a person told you so. And you believe.

And when you wonder if its ever gonna happen and realize its far from materializing out of thin air, you ask that person if its gonna happen. And you are told it will not happen.

But you constantly think it will still happen. A surprise. Like magic. Because something has to conquer all.

But such are all lies. But you don't want to face reality. You refuse to. Because you don't like reality. Because you want something to happen. But it never will. So you continue lying to yourself. On and on and on.

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