December 01, 2006

Alone again

I really get into a slump everytime i'm left by a loved one. Not that they leave me alone; left means go away for a while and we'll see each other, in this case, in two weeks.

My mom just left for Baguio a while ago, roughly a day after she arrived in Manila.

Nothing much happened actually. She arrived late afternoon yesterday. We went to my Lola in Antipolo to spend the 'typhoon' days there (Thank God, it never came.) Then, we spent a while in Gateway this afternoon. I shopped for a few items. Then we went our separate ways.

Now i'm here in this empty place, watching the evening news, hoping that the two weeks will pass really quickly. It doesn't help that i called Rhys earlier and he was bargaining that i go to Baguio on the 11th and not on the 16th. Well, 11 is just one of his arbitrary numbers.

I'm so sad.:-(

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