December 17, 2006


Numbed when i get drenched under the raging storm
Blowing my eyes shut, whirring to keep me from hearing
Too tired to catch my breath trying to catch even little whiff
Of that cold wind that can carry me forward where i want to go

Wet with the rain and the tears trickling down my cheeks
Looking up though not seeing the dark clouds above
which are the only witnesses to my way of looking for light
To open my eyes again careful not to yet another fairy tale

Can an alien body just break my head into pieces
Or tap me lightly back to the reality that is
Because my mind is up there floating in merry wonderland
But my body is shocked and bruised right beneath it

And i'm holding on strongly to a life of unadulterated drama and bliss
Because my day is a unique mixture of dark nights and sunny mornings
Dusk and dawn running after each other
That's how my days revolve, but not without a purpose

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