November 29, 2006

Magpakatotoo ka

I admit i'm complicated. People are.

We want to celebrate things. We want to enjoy, make things special, make days memorable.

I am not one who assumes something just by the mere fact of some event not happening. I am not one who holds on to a fact just because somebody tells me it is happening or has happened. I want actions to accompany words. I want to feel things right, experience thrilling moments.

Waiting? Is tiring. Trying? Is not good enough.

Why can't everyone live like there's no tomorrow? Why can't everyone act like something important is what it really is? Why can't people stay the same way all throughout? Why can't people express what's inside when they claim they are so full of it?

Can mediocrity come from something great?

November 26, 2006


'Rhys, why do you keep scratching your crotch. That's dirty.'
Little boy blue: 'Why, i wash it naman everyday di ba?'

'O, you are playing with your Gameboy again.'
Little boy blue: 'I don't have class tomorrow di ba?'

'Rhys, do you believe in Santa Claus?'
Little boy blue: 'No, he's not real.'
'How did you know? Who told you?'
Little boy blue: 'My brain told me.'


If you have the option, which would you choose - the best romantic relationship you can ever have that will last for only one year or a so-so relationship that will last for the rest of your life?

Galing sa blog ni Kuya Albert to. At napaisip ako.

November 24, 2006

Long weekend

Well, due to my own intervention, my expected weekend date didn't push through. So i have four days all to myself. Good that one of my friends is inviting for dinner next weekend and my mom's gonna visit next week too! Thus, there are a lot of things to look forward to.

The good thing about being alone now is that i don't get lonely and depressed anymore. That's why, i can study and i won't ruin my face after crying a bucket.

Look at who my KFC dinner date last night was.

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November 09, 2006

November 08, 2006

Kuwentong barbero

I went to F-Katipunan earlier, wanting to get a haircut; technically just a two-inch trim to get rid of the frizzy ends. I went there because of the 39.95, shampoo, cut and blowdry. I didn't wanna spend money on something so easy that even my nephew could have decently done it. (But my Ilokanoness is another story.)

Anyway, i went past the door just a fraction of a second ahead of a lovey dovey couple. So the three of us went upstairs to where the salon attendants were. As you may very well know from the price, there was no prompt attention given. We were just waiting there standing by the counter for two minutes or so, with nobody among those intently watching a PBA game's last two minutes give a heck. When they finally noticed our tiny existence, they asked what we wanted and one asked the three of us to go to the third floor.

Now, the guy climbed the stairs ahead of me and i didn't like it because i went in first right? So when he paused to give his girlfriend the coke can he was drinking from, i immediately overtook him, triumphantly walking into the room ahead of both.

Then, i was asked whether i wanted sauna. Sauna what?! I said no at once because the breaded porkchop i ordered was already waiting for me at the dorm. The attendant gave me a brown hospital gown like shorts and top set and asked me to go to the shower room. She said after i finish, i should go straight to the massage room. Shower? Massage? All in a 39.95 package?

I was speechless for a few seconds and the couple were standing behind me. The attendant said, one of us should wait because she can only accommodate two at a time - so that will be the guy and I. The girlfriend said, 'Ok, she goes ahead first, the two of us will just wait. We wanna go in together.' The attendant was a bit hesitant but she agreed anyway. I still didn't get what was happening and the attendant went to another room to get clean towels. Finally realizing i was in the wrong place, i told the girl i was only getting a haircut so it was freaky i was sent up with them. She said maybe they thought the three of us were actually together. I saw her face light up upon knowing they don't have to wait for me anymore and went inside the room where the attendant was and excitedly announced the good news.

I went down again and had to stare at the basketball enthusiasts like a lost puppy for a minute before they asked what i wanted. So i said, haircut.

No shampoo. One of them just made me sit down and cut my hair immediately without even spraying water on it. Less than a minute later, the attendant at the sauna room came down, followed by the couple i almost did a threesome with.

The others suddenly lost interest in the basketball game after the two left.

Basketball fans: Ba't nagbago ang isip?
Sauna attendant: Gusto nila magsabay e.
Guy giving me a haircut: E bakit? Pwede naman a.
Sauna attendant: Hello, okay ka lang? Kahit nga mag asawa di natin pwedeng pagsabayin e.
Basketball fans: Mag-asawa ba sila?
Guy giving me a haircut: Magjowa lang yun no. Bakit di mo pinayagan? Kasi hindi ka kasama?
Basketball fans: Hahahahahaha!
Sauna attendant: E di magmotel sila kung gusto nila.

Well, after that, my hair was totally damaged when the guy blewdry my not at all wet hair. I asked him to trim again because he didn't cut up to the desired length. When it was done, i gave a hundred and while i was waiting for my change, the sauna attendant came up to me.

Bothered sauna attendant: Kasama mo yung dalawa miss?
Rianne: Ay hindi po.
Bothered sauna attendant: Akala ko kakilala mo. Gusto ba naman nilang magsama sa sauna.
Rianne: Ah ganon.
Bothered sauna attendant: Haay, mga bata talaga ngayon.

The haircut was 45.00 by the way. 5.05 for gossip.

November 06, 2006

Balancing act

Well, well. How can happiness not last for more than several days? Does life have to make its own adjustments, resulting to my sulking the whole day for apparently no reason at all? Or does staying alone in the house alter my mind, that i look for the smallest things to be sad about? Whatever it is, i know i'm in one of those days when i just want to curl up in my room and pretend like everything else does not exist. I've spent my whole day watching 'House', reading the November issue of Reader's Digest and solving sudoku puzzles. I just stopped solving when i cried real tears after painstakingly solving one in the Inquirer, four-star difficulty. Right now, i'm on my ever present addiction. Too bad i'm on dial up.

Or wait, is it boredom? Or do you think its the laziness of it all? I'd like to think it's the last one, that its something self inflicted, so that i must suffer the consequences.

Is it because i'm leaving for QC tomorrow and be away from family until Christmas break. Yeah, i think i'm homesick. Yes, this early. How can i not be? Yesterday, my nephew Rhys cried when he said goodbye before leaving for Baguio. He told me i should go home daily to Baguio so we can see each other everyday. How i wish. And mind you, its not like i have a fantastic life when i'm home, i'm usually left alone all day. I wake up when everybody's gone out and have human interaction only at 8pm or even later. Maybe its the proximity, or the house, or my room.

But i know i hate leaving or being left behind or waiting. What's three years? What's two months? What's a night's sleep? But still, there's always the feeling of anxiety, like how i'm waiting for my grades or seeing my blue book in some class.

I just have too many problems, see. And i want this day to pass. Hopefully, tomorrow's morning sun will kiss my worries away.

November 01, 2006

minsan sa may kagubatan