October 11, 2006


What is happening to my world? So many being engaged, gettin married on December, giving birth to lovely babies, being pregnant, goin elsewhere in this planet.

I want that to, but can i? I also want a luau inspired wedding reception with the energy of Italian parties and the spark of Pinoy sense of humor. I want a ring, which is relatively flat because i am clumsy and i'm afraid i'd lose the diamond. I want a baby, who'll look like my future husband, whom i'll take care of and breastfeed. I want to put up my own business and work hard and still have time for myself and for my family. I want to travel the world tagging my mom along.

On to my real concerns, three down, three more final exams to go in three weeks of reduced sleep. Then Christmas - have enough money to buy nice gifts for my growing list of Godchildren.

Compare eh.

Patience is a virtue.

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