September 06, 2006

In behalf of my family

Death is not an extraordinary occurrence; but it is very painful. It is not that easy to suddenly face life without a person who has been present all your life or most of it. You grieve to the point of being selfish, because even if you know he'll go to a place where suffering is unheard of, you want him by your side. You hate the loneliness. You are unused to the void that is created in his absence. You want your life intact but suddenly it is not the way it has always used to be.

Facing the fact of death is really difficult but there are a lot of people who share your grief. There are people who cry with you. There were people who stood with you when you were tending to his illness. They sang with him, they talked to him, prayed for him, laughed with him. There were people who gave what they had and did what they could do. There were people concerned.

We might not be able to thank or appreciate what you did but we treasure everyone and everything you have done. We felt your love and your warmth carried us and will carry us through. Thank you.

Please forgive him or any of us for any affront we may have caused; and we also forgive those who have caused us the same.

We pray for the grace and peace of God for all of us.

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