August 29, 2006

The unexpected

Just when you stop to smell the blooming flowers
The clouds hide the glorious sun
They spell gloom and dim the colors
And raindrops muffle the laughter and fun

Just when you worked so hard
In order to set everything in place
The tempest tears everything apart
The wild animals invade, nothing's left to save

Everywhere you look, darkness ensues
There's a vacuum inside and you cry out
And ask all kinds of questions
But no voice comes out

Just the feeling of fear and loneliness
Because something is taken from you
And you want it for yourself
But it has to be that way like telling you

That it is not for you to keep
Loneliness is intermittent
Happiness cant go on so deep
To make it actually permanent

Things happen
Things go
You only accept them
And let go

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