August 24, 2006

Dahil marami akong dapat basahin ngayong gabi

HS survey

Message: nicknames in HS:
- It may be too embarassing to admit, but i made my own alias - 'trichzie'. Don't ask how i came up with it because it is kinda shameful.

average grade:
- i don't remember really.

- I was goody two shoes forever.

anong klaseng tao ka nung H.S? brainy, mvp,
sosy, nice guy?
- nerd, active, aloof, friendly to my friends lang as always

- Forum, CAT

who are ur best friends in HS?
- cheesy Magic Seven, BUs, ang mga pusang sina Ishlin & Muma, dami. I'm friendly to my friends nga e.

ano-ano ang usual topics of discussion w/ ur
- buhay namin at ng ibang tao. woh. small minds talk about other people. hehe.

favorite tambayan/s?
- mushroom malapit sa TNL, labas ng classroom, Forum office

favorite merienda/lunch?
- kakanin. Im Pinoy kasi e.

hobbies sa classroom?
- makipagkwentuhan lalo kina Jones, Russ, Jomel at magpacute sa crush ko.

ano ang kadalasang ginagawa mo after dismissal?
- after class, CAT, tapos meryenda once in a while sa labas

nag-dissect ba kayo?
- semi

sumasali ka ba sa quiz bees?
- sort of

sa school beauty contests?
- no way. I quote 'ordinary looking'. Hahaha.

favorite subject/s?
- Math, Physics, Chem, Journalism, History, nerd e.

hated subject/s?
- Values, not that i'm vile ha.

favorite teacher/s?
- Mr & Mrs. Gacayan, Mrs. Calicdan, dami dami dami pa

hated teacher/s?
- no comment. I hate noone.

ano rank mo sa CAT at the end of the year?
- Lt. Col. ba o Col. ang mas mababa? imagine. So not me.

sino CAT commandant nyo?
- Sir Dinky

eh corps commander nyo?
- Rodel

kasali ka ba sa varsity?
- sorta. basketball. Hahahaha.

favorite field trip?
- 4th year, but all i remember is the sidetrip to SM. Ngi.

kamusta naman ang prom?
- 3rd year prom. A sign of good things to come.

naging prom king/queen ka ba?
- nope

anu pang nangyari nung prom.
- Danced with my prom date, Homer.

san kayo nag prom?
- not worth mentioning.

may ka-date ka ba nung prom?
- yup. taba na niya ngayon. haha. not related.

sinu-sino crush mo nung HS?
- P.A., D.A., B.A., M.L. -- so high school!

did you take the UPCAT?
- yup

nakapasa ka naman sa UPCAT?
- yup

first choice mo ba campus mo?
- yup. pati course. but destiny sent me to THE Areneo. hahaha. im having fun here.

most memorable HS moment?
- senior's ball. negative or positive? you have to guess.

best thing about HS?
- my classmates are the best. a good mix of funny, angst filled, self centered people. so high school. so us. i love em.

worst thing about HS?
- backbiters and epaloids.

best year in HS?
- 3rd year and 4th year.

given the chance to relive your HS days..ano
babaguhin mo?
- wala. i loved it that way.

what items from the present will u bring w/u?
- my lappy, maybe i'll get that one thing i wanted but didnt get.

did you enjoy high school?
- of course naman no. who didn't?

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