July 29, 2006


Hey friends. I am so overwhelmed right now. Last week, i had dinner with some students from an international law school based in Korea and we met again earlier. It was just so encouraging to see a meeting of law students and lawyers from around the world -England, Indonesia, US, Korea, etc worshipping God and having fellowship with each other. I mean, it was amazing.

The law profession as you know is stereotyped mostly negatively but in that small room was a group of people who are focused on God and focused on making a difference in their field. I wanna be like that. I want to champion authentic justice and be a blessing to other people and to my country at that.

They introduced us to Advocates International (http://www.advocatesinternational.org), an organization of Christians in the legal profession supporting each other and doing Christian legal advocacy around the globe. I wanna be part of that.

In fact, there's a student chapter and the next conference will be in India, October this year. I wanna go.

Please pray for me. Pray for faith, that i will go there and be encouraged and be an encouragement as well. Please pray for finances. I don't have a job but i believe God provides and i pray that i'll be able to raise $700 by October for the conference.

Yes, i really wanna go. I am available for hire. I can do odd jobs here and there, like computer related tutorials, webstuff, editing stuff and what not. I really need help. If you feel extra generous, a little help from you will be deeply appreciated. Please pray for me. Contact me at 09175642647 please if you have ideas. :-)

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