July 26, 2006

Ang saklap

Minsan ba naiisip mo na andami mo nang ginawang mali tapos may mangyayaring masama at kutob mo parusa mo yon?

That's what i feel right now.

I woke up last Sunday realizing that i didn't have my retainers in my mouth. I probably left it on the sink a few hours ago but it wasn't there. I looked for it in the bag i used the night before. I looked for it among my books, readings, under my bed, inside trash cans. In short, i looked for it everywhere all morning but it was nowhere to be found. I looked again after lunch, it really wasn't there.

I was so regretful. Well, first, i paid for my braces with my own hard earned salary so it was a treat for myself (though it hurted much more than i expected). Furthermore, i bore the discomfort for how many months only to have my teeth bounce back to their original positions in a day?

So i sent text messages to a lot of people asking if i should get a new one. It was Sunday, i wasn't able to go to church primarily because i was so distressed. I vowed to scout for the cheapest place in Katipunan Avenue to get my retainers done but it was Sunday. I couldn't have done anything but sweep my room all day which i actually did. But NADA.

I so hated the feeling. That's my own money down the drain. I hated myself for staying up so late that night, having slept at 3am. I hated myself for enjoying so much with my high school friends at Eastwood knowing that i have lots of things to read and that i even had fever.

The next day i woke up so early. I really asked God in prayer for Him to give me back my retainers. I sent text to my friend to ask if i left it at the resto where we ate.

And really, God was just reminding me to believe it's just there and i'll find it. Besides, i distinctly remember brushing it that night before i went to sleep, wiping it dry and even smiling in front of the mirror after i put it on. But i woke up with naked teeth. I may have swallowed it. Either that or had it inadvertently flushed in the toilet.

I couldn't content myself so i looked inside the germ filled trash cans once again. I called and wasted a lot of my free minutes for this month asking if i really should get a new one. I got different answers. It all boiled down to my decision. I don't want my how my teeth looked like before i got my braces. So, while the typhoon was raging, i got my umbrella and windbreaker, got out of the dorm and walked the length of Katipunan Avenue.

Each dentist got the same lie.

"Hi. I just wanna ask how much an upper retainer will cost. I lost mine e and i have to ask my mom for money."

Okay so i had to lie because i didn't wanna tell them i was just scouting for the cheapest dentist. Nakakahiya naman no.

"Ok. I'll call muna and then i'll probably come back tomorrow if she agrees."

So, yeah right. Tuesday, i scouted Esteban Abada Street for a change.

The winner? The dentist holding office in the same building as my dorm. Oh well, at least i knew im getting retainers for the lowest price. So, Tuesday afternoon, i ordered, had my teeth's impression and all that. Okay, so i was about ready to accept that i lost the old one and i need to shell out money for a new one lest all that money i spent go down the drain. It wasn't a good night's sleep still.

Wednesday, we finally had to go to class after the long hiatus. Thanks to SONA and the typhoon. (But no, i hate the damage of course.) Surprise, the teacher wasn't there. So we had lunch and i went home.

Then there it was right at the floor - beside my bed, beside my stack of readings, neatly lying there. I saw my old retainers lying on a red carpet set on a plate of gold. It was right there. Right there.

I mean, hello? My new retainers are gonna be delivered at 4! I cleaned, i looked everywhere, i did!

Pero masaklap talaga e.

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