June 12, 2006

Cubao's little surprise

Yesterday, i had lunch with a few of my good college friends at this quaint Italian restaurant. It was inside the ghetto like (forgive the comparison) Marikina Shoe Expo (which is also unknown to me) beside Rustan's. An Italian resto owned and operated by real Italians, Bellini's.

The owner with his white long sleeved top and flaming yellow pants was there to make everyone feel at home, even serving customers cheerfully now and then. The food was really really good. I particularly liked their pesto, gaviolli (now i don't even know if i'm spelling it correctly) and the pizza. There were plates on the wall signed by celebrities talkin briefly about their great experience at the resto. From the info i surfed, the photographs on the walls were taken by Mr. Bellini himself who was a papparazzo in Italy way back.

Now the food. I, for one, am not fond of pesto. It's too grassy and herby for my taste. Don't ask how i got the 'grass' comparison. They served bread sticks that you will dip in pesto and now i'm a convert (this was free too).

We ordered three pasta selections and they were all sumptuous. I specifically liked the gaviolli, a spinach filled pasta in garlic and cheese sauce i guess. The really thin crust pizza was also a delight. The crust made me pay more attention to the taste of the combination of fresh tomatoes on the pizza sauce and the ham, cheese, seafood or vegetable topping.

For a student like me, it was quite expensive but it's really worth it.

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