June 19, 2006

Boys in my Life

Boy #1
Law student, Dean's office, Malcolm Hall

me: hi
him: hello
me: walang tao?
him: yeah. nag lunch break sila, pinapabantay ako.
me: mmm...
me: um... bibili sana ako ng ano...
me: sanitary napkin (wide smile)
him: (slightly embarassed) ah.. meron dito pero di ko alam ang price
me: (smiling) it's five pesos
him: (went inside looking)
me: i want whisper
me: yung with wings
him: (still looking) a, walang whisper e, modess lang
me: ok. yan na lang
him: (gives the napkin)
me: here (gives the five peso coin). thanks. (wide wide smile)
him: oh. okay. (smiling)
me: (out as fast as lightning)

Boy #2
Guy in mid twenties, driving a sky blue Corolla

me: (walking towards UP Film Center for the VCF Sunday Service, in white pants)
him: (driving along Molave Hall, stops, opens his passenger window)
him: hi! magtatanong lang sana. we have a research e.
me: (stopping, leaning towards the window) ano?
him: magtatanong lang.
me: okay.
him: kasi, girls who wear white pants, do you wear thongs
me: (taken aback) nn... noo!
him: okay, thanks!
me: okay. (starts walking away)
him: (drives on)


caramel cream said...

hahaha crazy days at UP

rotsss said...

ahahaha. natawa ko dito mare!

Eric said...

HAHAHAHAHA... boys... don't you just love them! hahahaha