June 08, 2006

Alone and crying

I miss Rhys and watching cartoons, playing toy soldiers, talking nonsense and sleeping soundly. I miss Mama and being scolded, eating out and just watching DVDs all day. I miss ate and our mysterious "meetings" and endless stortytelling while she does chores. I miss Luna and watching a big lunch or dinner being prepared, eating heartily, riding on a motorcycle, inviting arguments about all sorts of things and laughing to my heart's content. I miss my family and the bickering and the die hard habits of each member. I miss my room and the mess and my sweet sweet bed. I miss the summer heat, and the sea. I miss looking at the dogs and walking Ashley once in a while. I miss whistling and checking if the cold air heard me. I miss looking at trees and their leaves swaying with the gust of the wind. I miss staying home and wearing my old clothes and reading whatever i get my hand on.

Lonely as hell.

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