June 19, 2006

Boys in my Life

Boy #1
Law student, Dean's office, Malcolm Hall

me: hi
him: hello
me: walang tao?
him: yeah. nag lunch break sila, pinapabantay ako.
me: mmm...
me: um... bibili sana ako ng ano...
me: sanitary napkin (wide smile)
him: (slightly embarassed) ah.. meron dito pero di ko alam ang price
me: (smiling) it's five pesos
him: (went inside looking)
me: i want whisper
me: yung with wings
him: (still looking) a, walang whisper e, modess lang
me: ok. yan na lang
him: (gives the napkin)
me: here (gives the five peso coin). thanks. (wide wide smile)
him: oh. okay. (smiling)
me: (out as fast as lightning)

Boy #2
Guy in mid twenties, driving a sky blue Corolla

me: (walking towards UP Film Center for the VCF Sunday Service, in white pants)
him: (driving along Molave Hall, stops, opens his passenger window)
him: hi! magtatanong lang sana. we have a research e.
me: (stopping, leaning towards the window) ano?
him: magtatanong lang.
me: okay.
him: kasi, girls who wear white pants, do you wear thongs
me: (taken aback) nn... noo!
him: okay, thanks!
me: okay. (starts walking away)
him: (drives on)

June 12, 2006

Cubao's little surprise

Yesterday, i had lunch with a few of my good college friends at this quaint Italian restaurant. It was inside the ghetto like (forgive the comparison) Marikina Shoe Expo (which is also unknown to me) beside Rustan's. An Italian resto owned and operated by real Italians, Bellini's.

The owner with his white long sleeved top and flaming yellow pants was there to make everyone feel at home, even serving customers cheerfully now and then. The food was really really good. I particularly liked their pesto, gaviolli (now i don't even know if i'm spelling it correctly) and the pizza. There were plates on the wall signed by celebrities talkin briefly about their great experience at the resto. From the info i surfed, the photographs on the walls were taken by Mr. Bellini himself who was a papparazzo in Italy way back.

Now the food. I, for one, am not fond of pesto. It's too grassy and herby for my taste. Don't ask how i got the 'grass' comparison. They served bread sticks that you will dip in pesto and now i'm a convert (this was free too).

We ordered three pasta selections and they were all sumptuous. I specifically liked the gaviolli, a spinach filled pasta in garlic and cheese sauce i guess. The really thin crust pizza was also a delight. The crust made me pay more attention to the taste of the combination of fresh tomatoes on the pizza sauce and the ham, cheese, seafood or vegetable topping.

For a student like me, it was quite expensive but it's really worth it.

June 10, 2006

walang magawa

Ang Tipo kong Lalake

1.Dapat ba guwapo?
Yeah, but guapo for me is more than physical appearance.

It's a must because when we are old and just sitting down all day, we'll do nothing but talk and given the fact that we are at home all day, such conversations don't revolve around the usual what i did today or what this interesting person said yesterday.

3.Preferred Age?
None, but i like someone more mature than i am.

4. Prefered Height?
Someone taller than i am, i guess.

5. How about sense of humor?
Yes, absolutely. See number 2.

6. How about piercings?
They look ugly to me.

7. Accepts you for who you are?

8. Pink hair?
Pinkish cheeks.

9. Mushy or no?
I wish.

10. Thin or Fat?
Medium built.

11.Moreno or Chinito or Mestiso?
Clear skin, i don't care about the color - someone not so dark.

12. Long Hair or Short Hair?
I want em bald. Long hair is okay. I think, i don't really care as long as it looks good on him.

13. Plastic or Metal?
Plastic as in hypocrite no. Metal as in preference for music is okay.

14. Smells good?
Yeah. Especially the armpits. It's subjective, you know.

15. Smoker?

16. Drinker?

17. Boy-next-door type?
Not really. It's not important.

18. Musically inclined?
It's a plus.

19. Plays the Piano?
That would be good.

20. Plays the guitar?
Same as my answer above.

21. Plays violin?

22. Sings very good?
As long as he can carry a tune, like Grow Old With You. Hehe.

23. vain?
Doesn't matter.

24. With Glasses?
Same as above.

25. With Braces?

26. Shy type?
Not to me.

27. from Ateneo or La Salle?
It doesn't matter as long as he can talk to me and act sensibly.

28.Sporty or Couchpotato?
Someone sporty. Someone who loves clean fun.

30. Singer or Dancer?
Singer. I, myself, can't dance to save my life.

June 08, 2006

Alone and crying

I miss Rhys and watching cartoons, playing toy soldiers, talking nonsense and sleeping soundly. I miss Mama and being scolded, eating out and just watching DVDs all day. I miss ate and our mysterious "meetings" and endless stortytelling while she does chores. I miss Luna and watching a big lunch or dinner being prepared, eating heartily, riding on a motorcycle, inviting arguments about all sorts of things and laughing to my heart's content. I miss my family and the bickering and the die hard habits of each member. I miss my room and the mess and my sweet sweet bed. I miss the summer heat, and the sea. I miss looking at the dogs and walking Ashley once in a while. I miss whistling and checking if the cold air heard me. I miss looking at trees and their leaves swaying with the gust of the wind. I miss staying home and wearing my old clothes and reading whatever i get my hand on.

Lonely as hell.

June 07, 2006

Galit ako sa mga motorsiklo!

Dahil isa sa kanila, pinaso ang binti ko!



Happy days are over

I can feel it.

Summer vacation will come to an end in about a day or two. I'll be in QC by my lonesome in no time.

I said goodbye to Rhys, my five year old nephew, who left for my lolo's house since nobody will take care of him here. After kissing and hugging me tight i told him i'm going to Manila soon. He asked me why and i said i have to attend school there. "Rianne, you call me when you have a problem okay. But not in my cellphone, just call me in Caba."

I've been enjoying since April 11 and the fact that i have to face the grim situation of being alone again in a gloomy room where all i can see is a stockpile of readings scares the hell out of me.

Yes Rhys. Right now i have a problem and i'd prefer it if you stay here and play or watch DVDs with me. However, i want to get used to it. I want to start it, eating alone, sleeping alone, reading alone. Not that i'm alone all the time, but most of the time, i am. I need to because i have to concentrate and study.

Three more years and a half perhaps of self pity eating me alive because i'm lonely and homesick and crying. Worse, i am not even there yet.