May 03, 2006

Summer fun

Not a lot of people are familiar with the province of Apayao, i think. Maybe, it is just tooooo far away and it is not that easy to go to. However, if one is in love with mountains, crystal clear waters and a lot of greens, then it's worth going to. It's more so that beautiful, friendly, nice and lovable people come from this place.;-)

We stayed for a while at Uncle Caesar's cozy farm. I'd wake up each morning to the sound of water rushing forth the periphery of the mountain and all i see is green, green, green.

And yeah - i held and fired a gun for the first time amidst this serenity. Nature forgives a terrified girl i hope.

Nearby is a picnic place they call Kasiggaman.

Ganda no? I don't have recent pictures of the mountain resort though. It's a pretty nice place for relaxation.

As a side trip, we also went to Pagudpud where i got my unsightly tan lines. Unfortunately, my fear of the water stopped me from enjoying it to the fullest. I couldn't snorkel because the corrals are a good distance from the beach so i was contented frolicking near the rocks. Ugh.

We got on a boat in a river in Claveria then a 30 minute boat ride to Salaysay. Notice the eel and the blow fish. They were able to get sea urchins and i had a taste of it. Delicious raw sea food. Fun eh.

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