March 11, 2006

Supreme Court, baby!

The moment, i got inside the session hall, i was awed. The rectangular room was perfectly august -- with the high ceilings, the elevated and finely polished wooden chairs of the Justices, the lawyers wearing black robes. It was WOOOH. Really. Wooh. I was like a child in a totally magnificent world of men in suits and women properly dressed, exchanging serious laughs and wearing honest to goodness faces.

It was a courtroom full of faces, i guess, mostly wanting Proclamation 1017 to be declared unconstitutional.

By the time Chief Justice Panganiban banged the gavel, i already put my glasses on so i can see the faces of the nameless ponentes in our Supreme Court cases. Yeah, these people are REAL.

And real they were. Some were very disappointing, which i fear to elaborate on. The thing is, i appreciated actually how our teachers treat us inside the classroom. The first oral argument lasted two hours or so, grilling after grilling by each of the Justices. They can raise their voices. Their faces can be all things other than pleasant.

But the big question was - can i do it when the time comes? I hope so. I pray so.

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